Precor Commercial Power Rack


The foundation of any facility, the Discovery Series Power Rack is the perfect tool for seasoned lifters and those new to strength training. The Power Rack’s enhanced functional capability allows for the use of bands, chains, Torso Trainers, Battle Ropes, Suspension Training and more, along with traditional Power Rack exercises.



The ten weight storage horns neatly accommodate bumper plates. The Olympic Bar and functional apparatus storage is conveniently positioned to enhance accessibility.

Dual Chin-Up/Pull-Up Handles

Dual Chin-Up and Pull-Up Handles with step up and weight assist band hooks provide for numerous chin-up and pull-up opportunities for a wide range of exercisers.

Secure & Sturdy

The heavy duty, fully welded dual pin system on the Bar Catches and Safety Rails provide maximum durability, stability and ease of adjustment. Both feature quick changeover, high impact polyurethane covers and inserts to protect all wear surfaces from metal on metal contact, preserving the paint finish of the Power Rack.

Straight Bar

A smooth, straight Pull-Up/Chin-Up bar allows for kipping style pull-ups, chin-ups and muscle-ups, as well as a convenient anchor point for suspension training apparatuses.

Optional Band Pegs

Pegs allow for the use of loop style bands to add progressive resistance to barbell training movements.

Rubberized Step-Ups

Convenient steps allow for easier access to the Chin-Up/Pull-Up stations and are dipped for wear and slip resistant surface. The step is angled to allow for a convenient Olympic Bar storage point and catch for performing deadlift exercises. The round gusset beneath the step up allows for the anchoring of Battle Ropes.

Equipment Specifications

Maximum User Weight
350 lbs / 159 kg
Max Storage Weight
1800 lbs / 817 kg
Standard Frame Colors
Gloss Metallic Silver
Metallic Ash
Desert Bronze
Black Magic Gloss
Gloss White
Workout Area (L x W)
83 L x 63 W x 98 H inches, 210 x 160 x 249 cm

Equipment Dimensions and Weight

83 in / 211 cm
63 in / 160 cm
98 in / 249 cm
Equipment Weight
612 lbs / 278 kg

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