Precor FTS Glide Strength Machine


Every aspect of our fitness equipment is made to mirror human movement — fluid, natural, and familiar. Intuitive engineering and thoughtful design offer an invigorating workout that helps users keep moving. Arising from our heritage of providing quality fitness solutions that work, Precor fitness equipment keeps your users satisfied no matter what their goal. Precor inspires a life in motion.


  • Simplified for ease of use An instructional placard with illustrations guides users through effective exercise positions. Fully- shrouded weight stacks protect moving parts.
  • User-friendly pulley adjustments refine exercise Pulleys can be adjusted with one hand for quick transitions from one exercise to the next. Choose from 33 pulley positions to offer workout variety and ensure personal comfort for each core exercise.
  •  Dual weight stacks offer workout variety Rather than working on just one or two planes of the body, dual weight stacks allow users to engage more than one muscle and often more than one joint for true isolateral resistance training with user-defined motion paths.
  • Designed for durability Contemporary design features a durable high-gloss, titanium powder coat finish that looks great in any workout room.
  •  Compact footprint maximizes space Standing just 85 inches tall with stable, space- efficient design, the FTS Glide makes the most of any dedicated fitness area.

Equipment Features

<td”>Standard Features33 pulley carriage adjustment positions

Weight Stack Dual weight stacks: 200 lbs. (91 kg) each
Adjustable Start Position Weight Stack Shroud Cover
Instructional Placard An illustrated instructional placard guides users through effective exercise positions.
Frame and Finish 11 gauge (.120″) 2×4-inch racetrack steel tubing. Electrostatically applied, heat-cured powder coat.
Upper handlebars Upper handlebars

Equipment Specifications

Standard Shroud Color Grey
Workout Area (L x W) 53 x 84 inches / 140 x 220 cm
Standard Frame Colors Gloss Metallic Silver

Equipment Dimensions and Weight

Length 53 inches / 135 cm
Width 48 inches / 123 cm
Height 85 inches / 216 cm
Equipment Weight 672 lbs / 305 kg

Warranty & Service

Keeping your facility and

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Functional Trainers, Strength Machines


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