Precor Spinner RALLY Indoor Cycle


Spinner® Rally Aluminum Inovations
The Spinner® bike was born from the road and engineered to match the geometry of a real road bike. The fixed gear and perimeter-weighted flywheel create the inertia and resistance to replicate the feel of the road, enabling the rider to have a smooth, fluid pedal stroke throughout the entire ride. Spinner bikes offer more adjustments than any other bike to fit any rider’s size and/or skill level. No other bike comes close to matching the real road cycling geometry and fit of the Spinner line of bikes.


  • Anodized commercial-grade aluminum frame
  • Perimeter-weighted flywheel for smooth pedal strokes
  • Design components engineered exclusively for Spinner® bikes
  • Proprietary aluminum tube frame contoured for strength and sweat resistance
  • Industry-leading Q factor for improved ergonomics and more comfortable fit
  • Horizontal and vertical rider adjustments with precision aluminum construction:
  • Fore/aft saddle slider (micro adjust)
  • Fore/aft handlebar slider (micro adjust)
  • Seatpost and handlebar precision-fit vertical adjustment
  • Powder-coated aluminum bike stabilizers
  • Edge-mounted transport wheels for greater portability
  • Integrated full coverage scuf protection on rear stabilizers
  • Durable leather brake pad
  • Oversized, one-bolt access panel with large compartment to the drivetrain for easy maintenance
  • Chain tension inspection window providing direct view of the current chain tension and allowing for simple lubrication (chain model only)
  • Increased clearance under bike for easy floor-area cleaning
  • High-quality ground welds in high sweat areas for protection against moisture
  • 350 lb (158.7 kg) weight limit
  • Corrosion resistant bike leveler feet made of structural resin with rubber over-molding to provide improved floor grip and stability

Optional Cadence Meter Console available for $179.00

Drive Options:

CHAIN DRIVE – $2,195.00
Nothing compares to the authentic and connected feel of the road like our original chain-drive system. Adopted from real road bikes, our chain-driven bikes provide a pure feeling that gives riders instant feedback for their effort and intensity. Together with the perimeter-weighted flywheel, the chain drive is proven to be the optimal training tool for riders. Experience the original and best chain-driven bike on the market today.

Keeping the best features of our chain-drive system, our advanced belt-drive system with Fusion DriveTM creates a smooth, quiet and virtually maintenance-free ride. Fusion Drive integrates our exclusive perimeter-
weighted flywheel with an ultra-durable Poly-V Isoprene belt that meets our high standard for an authentic ride. It also includes a unique self-tensioning system that engages the belt for a tighter fit with less slip and no vibration. Unlike other belt drives on the market, our Fusion Drive system transfers more direct cranking energy for a seamless and reliable ride.

Equipment Specifications

User Height Range
4′ 11″ to 6′ 4″
Maximum User Weight
350 lbs
Crank Width
162 mm

Equipment Dimensions and Weight

58 in / 147.3 cm
20.4 in / 52 cm
49.5 in / 125.7 cm
Machine Weight (base equipment)
126 lb / 57.1 kg

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