Techno Gym Kinesis® Personal Vision

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Exclusive high-end design & comfort. The Kinesis® Personal is a high-end product designed to meet the needs of professional wellness environments with unique and exclusive designs, and represents an ideal solution for hotels, fitness clubs and spas that are looking to offer their customers a special service experience.

The VISION model consists of three steel panels applied to a rigid structural support, which acts as a flat-facing mirror. The exceptional mirror finish allows the user to easily check their posture while exercising.


Kinesis® Personal is the ultimate in designer furnishing for home fitness or wellness spaces. It returns you to the origins of human movement, freeing you to re-discover four fundamental physical abilities: endurance, balance, strength and flexibility.

The revolutionary features is the patented “Fullgravity” design, inspired by nature and science to allow unrestricted, enjoyable movement and to attract more and more people to Wellness.

Kinesis® helps you build strength, flexibility, resistance, coordination, posture control and breathing control.

Features of the Kinesis® Personal include:

  • Ease of Use
  • Multi-Purpose

The three handgrips in the ALPHA, BETA and GAMMA positions allow for more than 200 different exercises

  • Quiet and Safe

The resistance applied is regulated by a sophisticated and technolocially patented innovation whereby a revolutionary system of forces gradually increases the resistance quietly, smoothly and in total safety.

  • Full Gravity™

The pivoting pulley system provides smooth movement in all dimensions

  • Interactive Display

The workload can be selected with one simple tuch on the easy-to-use and appealingly understated interface

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Functional Trainers, Strength Machines


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