Hoist Mi5 Functional Trainer


The HOIST® Mi5 Functional Trainer is HOIST’s most compact, space efficient functional trainer to-date. With patented technology, the Mi5 features two cable arms with two planes of movement. A unique three-point cable adjustment system allows for more than 1,000 cable adjustment variations. Both arms can move vertically through 22 different height adjustments. Additionally, each arm can move independently through 7 positions and 160 degrees accommodating users of all heights and size. The Mi5 also features a built-in tablet and accessory holder, water bottle holder and weight lock for suspension exercises.



Fully enclosed weight stack for safety and quiet weight plate movement

  •   Silent Steel® weight system eliminates metal to metal contact betweenplates and guide rods for a smooth, quiet motion
  •   Standard 200 lb (91kg) Silent Steel® weight stack
  •   Adjustable Core Stabilizer Pad (sold separately)
  •   Compact, sleek, single column design
  •   Counterbalanced carriage system for easy adjustments
  •   Two adjustable pulley arms with 7 horizontal angle adjustments rangingfrom 80 degrees above and 80 degrees below flat horizontal
  •   22 pulley adjustment positions at 2 inch increments
  •   Quick Release one-handed accessory connectors
  •   Weight stack lock allows cables to be used for body weight exercises
  •   Integrated bottle holder and accessory rack offer convenient storage
  •   Integrated tablet/mobile device holder
  •   4:1 Split Weight CablingTM for increased cable travel (160” with strap handles)
  •   Footrests to stabilize when performing seated and standing exercises
  •   Comes with two (2) four Square-Ring Adjustable Strap Handles
  • Non-marring feet to protect flooring

    MI5 Functional Trainer Accessory Kit Includes:

    -Mi5 Core Stabilizer Pad
    -Dual-Attachment Aluminum Long Bar / Aluminum Curl Bar
    -Dual-Attachment Long Strap
    -Padded Ankle/Thigh Strap
    -Two (2) Carabiner Adaptors


Length: 50.99” / 129.53 cm
Width: 52.61” / 133.62 cm
Height: 83.49” / 212.08 cm
Weight: 442 lbs / 200.48 kg
Core Stabilizer Pad: 16 lbs / 7.26 kg

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